Belarusian Registry for .BY and .BEL (IDN .БЕЛ) launches DNSSEC and IPv6

Effective 24th of April, 2015 The Belarusian Registry of the National TLDs .BY and .BEL (IDN .БЕЛ) launched the support of DNSSEC and IPv6.

This innovative solution implemented by the experts of the Technical administrator of .BY and .BEL allows users to minimize the risks associated with the substitution of DNS-addresses in the domain names resolving process by means of DNSSEC technology. At the same time, with the introduction of a new version of the IP-protocol Belarusian TLDs have been substantially moved forward in solving the global problem of IP-addresses insufficiency on the Internet.

Upgrading the Registry with such innovations like DNSSEC and IPv6 is planned improvement in the work of National Belarusian domains .BY and .BEL and that allows us to meet the contemporary Internet trends. Today there is no way to stay away from the global web-space development. Although it is believed that modern technologies moved beyond today users’ needs, we will continue to offer our customers the best solutions available.

– technical administrator of domain zones .BY and .БЕЛ (.BEL).