Against the backdrop of global economic shocks, the Belarusian ccTLDs once again showed an enviable constancy

A number of important changes has been made to the Instruction on the registration of domain names in the national domain zone. 

Belarusian domains felt rather good this year. If by the end of 2016 Bynet decreased by 1700 domains, in 2017 it “turned a profit”.

RIPE NCC representative announced that Minsk is chosen to host ENOG (Eurasia Network Operators Group) – forum of experts involved into the most important aspects of internet functioning.

Belarus Internet Governance Forum became a really major open platform where everyone had a chance to speak out and be heard.

More secure procedure of delegation of rights for the domains and additional guarantee of their succession rights are the main changes in the Instruction on the domains .BY and .БЕЛ registration that were published at the end of the year and came ...

National law portal published the changes and additions to the Order №47 of Operative-analytical center under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, that regulates the work of national ccTLDs .BY, .БЕЛ.

Registries of top level domains addressed to the e-mail services and social networks with the call to provide equal support to domain names. Initiator of the petition is the technical administrator of ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ.

Technical administrator ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ received a status of ccNSO member (Country Code Names Supporting Organization) – organization, that unite the representatives of national domains from all over the world under the aegis of ICANN.

From the 1st of October, users can register domains in new Cyrillic zone .БЕЛ (.BEL) without any restrictions. During the first hour of general registration, 1,303 domains were registered, whereas the first 24 hours ended up with 6,454 registrations ...