One step away from 30: .BY is 29 years old

One step away from 30: .BY is 29 years old

The national domain zone .BY officially celebrates its 29th birthday!

May 1994 was a landmark time for the country's Internet space. Then Belarus was delegated and included in the international database of national top-level domains "country" domain .BY. And it is customary to count the history of Bynet from this moment.

During its 29 years of existence, Bynet has changed markedly.

For several years it was the fastest growing domain zone in Europe. And despite the fact that now the .BY zone has reached some saturation, its development continues. Today, the national domain zone .BY is more than 131,000 active second-level domains.

The .BY domain continues to be the most popular domain in Belarus. In addition, it is used not only in the country, but also abroad.

Bynet has become the only national domain zone in which charity auctions of domain names take place! Thanks to the purchase of already existing domains that have become free for some reason, Belarusians help orphans. The proceeds from the auction are sent to orphanages in Belarus.

The Belarusian virtual space today operates in accordance with all international standards. The digital world is developing by leaps and bounds and the number of users on the network is constantly growing. For example, according to the research organization DataReportal, at the beginning of 2023, Internet penetration in Belarus was 86.9% and there were 8.27 million Internet users in the country. The introduction of modern technologies, industry trending, developing partnerships and interactions make Bynet attractive for implementing ICT projects of various scale.

It is important to note that the Belarusian Internet has been improving for three decades and continues to develop largely thanks to the joint efforts of domain name registrars operating in the country's market. Since 2022, beCloud has been the technical administrator of the national domain zone, becoming the third manager of Bynet.

The national root domain .BY, which appeared on the global Internet map 29 years ago, became the starting point for Belarus in the development of the national segment of the Internet. And the long journey continues!