150 000 .BY and .БЕЛ domains have been registered in Bynet

Against the backdrop of global economic shocks, the Belarusian ccTLDs once again showed an enviable constancy. The mark of 150,000 domains was passed against the background of a smooth growth of 2.3% compared to last year.

About the same pace was shown by 300 of the largest TLDs in the world at the beginning of 2020 according to CENTR - the Council of European country code top-level domains. Moreover, if in April the number of registrations in Europe grew sharply (by about 20% compared to the same period last year), then in Belarus such a leap is not observed.

The situation was commented by Sergey Povalishev, CEO of hoster.by. The company is the largest registrar and technical administrator of the national ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ:

“I attribute the lack of a similar registration peak to a number of reasons. Including the fact that in Belarus small and medium-sized businesses were well represented in the online environment even before the crisis. Almost every restaurant or gym has sites, in this regard we were a bit more prepared for a complete transition to online. Of course, the absence of strict quarantine also played a huge role. I’m sure that in Europe the peak is associated with global changes in the economy and lifestyle of people, and not with the number of domains connected with the virus topic.”

The CENTR report confirms this with numbers. Although the total number of thematic domains registered per month in Europe with the words covid, corona or virus is 6154 registrations, this is only 0.8% of all new domains in the region. In Belarus, according to hoster.by, this figure is even lower - only 40 names.