Domain .БЕЛ (.BEL) is officially launched

Five days after the decision-making of the Board of Directors of ICANN on .БЕЛ (.BEL) delegation, new Cyrillic domain zone has been officially launched.

The chronology of registration stages will be the following. Accepting applications for priority registration from the owners of trademarks and trade names starts first. This stages will last 3 months and is starting in the beginning of spring.

After the abovementioned stage, the charitable auctions of premium .БЕЛ (.BEL) domains will be held. The stage will also take 3 months. All the funds raised from the auctions will be sent to the orphanages for specific projects.

The exact dates of the auctions, cost of .БЕЛ (.BEL) domains during the priority registration, the procedure of submitting applications for the owners of trademarks and trade names will be published soon.