ICANN delegates IDN ccTLD .БЕЛ (.BEL)

On the 12th of February, in Singapore the ICANN directors’ board delegated IDN ccTLD .БЕЛ (.BEL) to Operative-analytical Center under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus (administrative contact) and Reliable Software, Inc. (sponsoring organization and technical administrator). It means that the possibility of registering domain names in Russian and Belarussian languages will appear very soon.

The launch of the new Cyrillic ccTLD will be held in several stages. Applications for priority registration of .BEL domains for the owners of trademarks and trade names will start in spring. This stage will take three months. Then comes the stage of charitable auctions where all interested users will be able to bid for the premium domains (for example, дизайн.бел (design.bel), мебель.бел (furniture.bel), etc.). The funds raised from the auction will be sent to Belarusian orphanages.

The website dedicated to the new domain zone with the detailed information, stages description, instructions for registration, etc. will be opened very soon. Also all the news about the launch of each stage, conditions, terms and pricelist will be promptly published there. Now you can’t register, submit an application or reserve a .BEL domain.

– technical administrator of domain zones .BY and .БЕЛ (.BEL).

The open registration will start not earlier than September 2015.