Sunrise period for Cyrillic .БЕЛ (.BEL) domains has started

On the 1st of March 2015, technical administrator of domain zone .БЕЛ (.BEL) announced the start of the first registration stage of Cyrillic domains in ccTLD .BEL.

On the first stage, registration is available for the owners of trademarks and trade names of legal entities. Also in priority order, domain names are being registered for public authorities and organizations.

To get acquainted with preparation process of domain zone for open registration sites on Russian http://домены.бел, Belarussian http://дамены.бел and English languages are created.

Submitting an application for .BEL domain on the first stage of priority registration is available within three months (from the 1st of March to the 31st of May).

Specially created committee of the representatives of the National intellectual property center, the Chamber of Commerce and the technical administrator of ccTLD .BEL and .BY examines all the applications.

In order to avoid disputes and to equalize the rights of all applicants the results of applications examination will be announced at the end of the reception, after May 31, 2015.