New rules of cctld .BY are published

New rules of cctld .BY are published

National law portal published the changes and additions to the Order №47 of Operative-analytical center under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, that regulates the work of national ccTLDs .BY, .БЕЛ. After the study of the changes made, we offer you short theses, that will help to understand what is going to change in the functioning of Belarusian domains in the nearest future:

Domains .БЕЛ that were reserved but not paid during the priority registration stage, will be sold on the charitable auction

“Catchy” domain names in ccTLD .БЕЛ which were reserved by the state bodies during the priority registration stage will be sold on the charitable auction. Quantity of these domains at the time of publishing of this news is more than 5000. We would like to remind that state bodies left requests not only for abbreviations of their names, but also for common words, that reflect their activity. For example, domains новости.бел and соль.бел were registered in this way.

It will be restricted to register domain through belarusian resellers

From May 1, 2017 the practice of .BY and .БЕЛ domains registration and extension through the belarusian resellers is stopped. The owners of the domain names, that were registered through resellers, have to enter into the agreements for support of their domains with the accredited registrar that is practically support their domains. The term for the transfer of the domain to the accredited registrar corresponds to the rest of the term of validity of the domain plus 30 days from the day of the end of the domain term of validity.

Users’ domains will not get lost upon termination of the registrar activities

If a registrar makes a decision about liquidation or termination of domain registration activities, he has to inform his clients about the necessity of domains transfer within 15 days. The owners of the domains will have 15 days for the transfer to another registrar. At the expiration of this period not transferred domains are delegated for servicing to the technical administrator of national ccTLD.

Domains now can be inherited

Upon the decision of the owner domain can be delegated to another parties according to the agreement of the rights transfer, court decision and by inheritance or in succession during the reorganization of the legal entity. Actions against such transmitted domains are made with the insert of the new owners data to the registry of ccTLDs. If the registrar becomes aware of death of the actual owner of the domain, Instruction provides for notification of the possible successors of a domain name on the available contact account data for preserving their rights to the domain.

The procedure of the change of the owner of the domain changes

The conditions of the change of the owner of the domains from the juridical point of view has changed and now protects the rights of the parties involved in the change of the owner more. Now the current owner of the domain needs to conclude the agreement of delegation of rights (concession) with the person, receiving the domain, instead of the common written application. Thus, two parties take part in the procedure of the change of the domain owner, each of which clearly shows his will. At the same time the content of the agreement may be demanded by the registrar in the process of conflict resolution.