Technical administrator of ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ initiated a petition about equal capabilities for domain names

Technical administrator of ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ initiated a petition about equal capabilities for domain names

Registries of top level domains addressed to the e-mail services and social networks with the call to provide equal support to domain names. Initiator of the petition is the technical administrator of ccTLDs .BY and .БЕЛ.

Petition is addressed to the providers of the largest internet-services, that do not support correct work with the IDN domains. Among the addressees of the petition there are corporations Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Mail.Ru Group.

It is said in the document, that not all e-mail services let send and receive e-mails from addresses, that use non-Latin domains like иван@домены.бел (where local and domain part of the address are written not in Latin) and in some cases info@домены.бел (where only domain part is written not in Latin).

Authors of the petition note that not all social networks support the correct work with IDN domains. “At the same time the supported capabilities differ for different domains: for example, social network Vkontakte recognizes .РФ domains that are entered manually, but doesn’t recognize .БЕЛ domains” – the petition states.
We offered the colleagues to sign this petition as we think that with the help of it we will be able to eliminate restrictions, that users of the IDN domains in Belarus and other countries face every day. At the same time many of these restrictions can be removed within the shortest period of time, as it doesn’t require considerable financial investments or serious technical developments.

 technical administrator of .BY and .БЕЛ domains

The representatives of the ukrainian domain .УКР and russian domain .РФ were the first to support the initiative of Belarusian part.
The potential of Cyrillic domains of our countries is very high. The main factor that holds their development today is lack of support from popular e-mail services and social networks.

Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU and .РФ

Petition is posted on the site It has already been signed by the representatives of national and generic IDN domains. By the end of September petition will be collecting signatures. After that the document will be sent to the addressees.

At the point of publication petition was signed by the following registries:
  • .БЕЛ (Reliable Software, Ltd.),
  • .УКР (UANIC),
  • .РФ (Coordination Center for TLD .RU and .РФ ),
  • .հայ (ISOC Armenia),
  • .ДЕТИ (Smart Internet Foundation),
  • .МОСКВА (Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development),
  • .ОНЛАЙН (CORE Association),
  • .САЙТ (CORE Association).